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EASUN POWER Parallel PCB Board for Off Grid Solar Inverter, ISolar SM, SV, VX, SMT, VE, Communication C able

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This is a necessary accessory for parallel operation of 48V models of ISolar SV & SM series inverters. Each unit in a parallel system requires a parallel kit, so (for example) if you have 3 SP/SM 4KVA-5KVA inverters in parallel, you will need 3 parallel kits.

The parallel kit is suitable for parallel inverter models in our store.
If your inverter is not from our store, please contact us before placing an order, thank you.
Each parallel kit contains a parallel board, communication cables and current sharing cables.

Before configuring a parallel system, make sure:

All drives you have must have the same software version, otherwise you will get incompatibility errors.
All drives are effectively "parallel ready". If you are unsure please contact us and we can check for you.