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EASUN POWER 5600W Off Grid Solar Inverter MPPT 80A Solar Charger PV Input 6000W

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Product sellpoints
  • Powerful inverter: The solar inverter is a powerful power source that can be used as a power supply to charge your battery, charger, and other devices.
    Protection: Easun solar inverter charger has overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection and high temperature protection.
    Beautiful product: The solar inverter battery is made of high-quality abs material, which is durable and has a long service life.
Product overview:
SMX series is a new all-in-one hybrid solar charge inverter, which integrates solar energy storage &means charging energy storage and AC sine wave output.
Thanks to DSP control and advanced controlalgorithm, it has high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard.
Performance characteristics:
1.Full digital voltage and current double closed loop control, advanced SPWM technology, output of pure sine wave.
2.Two output modes: mains bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply.
3.Available in 4 charging modes: Only Solar, Mains Priority, Solar Priority and Mains & Solar hybrid charging.
4.Advanced MPPT technology with an efficiency of 99.9%.
5.With the charging requirement (voltage, current, mode) settings, and suitable for various types of energy storage       batteries.
6.ON/OFF rocker switch for AC output control.
7.Power saving mode available to reduce no-load loss.
8.Intelligent variable speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system life.
9.Lithium battery activation design, allowing access of lead-acid battery and lithium battery.
10.360 ° all-round protection with a number of protection functions. Such as overload,short circuit and over current.
11.Supply of a variety of user-friendly communication modules, such as RS485(WiFi ), USB etc.,
12.and suitable for computer, mobile phones, Internet monitoring as well as remote operations.
13. Lithium battey can be activated by both mains and PV.
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If the machine works normally, do not upgrade this firmware. The current firmware is only upgraded when there is no battery. Other upgrades are useless£º