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Easun Power LiFePO4 Lithium batteries | Up To $642

EASUN POWER 3600W Solar Inverter Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Inverter No Battery

Prix d'origine $429.00
Prix d'origine $429.00 - Prix d'origine $429.00
Prix d'origine $429.00
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  • *pure sine wave soalr inverter
  • *Output power factor 1
  • *High PV input voltage range
  • *Built-in MPPT soalr controller
  • *Battery equalization function to optimize
  •  Battery performance and extend lifecycle
  • *Inverter running without barrery
  • *Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment
  • *WIFI-GPRS remote monitoring(Optional)
  • *Detachable LCD(Optional)

ISolar-SMG-II-3.6K-WIFI manual 

ISolar-SMG-II-3.6K-WIFI WIFI setting