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Q1:What is an off-grid inverter?

A1:Off-grid inverter working mode: connect solar panels to supply power to the load and charge the battery at the same time; you can use the grid or battery to supply power to the load; but cannot feed electricity into the grid;PV+ battery supplies power to the load. When the energy is insufficient, it will automatically switch to bypass mode.

Q2:What is an Hybrid inverter ?

A2:Hybrid inverter working mode:
Hybrid inverters are also called switched inverters. It not only has the function of an off-grid inverter, but also can sell the power stored in the battery to the grid company;PV panel + battery supply power to the load, and it can also supply power to the load through the PV+ grid

Q3:What batteries can the inverter support?

A3:Lithium battery, lead-acid battery, gel battery

Q4:Lithium battery type?

A4:LIFEPO4 and PYLON battery types are all lithium batteries

Q5:What is the inverter battery voltage requirement?

A5:1KW inverter is equipped with 12V battery; 2KW-3KW inverter is equipped with 24V battery; 4KW-5KW inverter is equipped with 48V battery, which can connect batteries in series or parallel

Q6:What types of solar panels can the inverter support?

A6:Polycrystalline solar panel, monocrystalline solar panel

Q7:How many solar panels can be connected to the inverter?

A7:Each inverter must first confirm the solar panel MPPT working voltage range and PV Array Power (you can check the inverter parameter table on the product page). The input voltage of the solar panel cannot exceed the maximum value; the power of the solar panel that can be connected cannot exceed the maximum value,

Q8:Can the inverter work without a battery?

A8:Inverter models that can work without battery:
Off-grid inverter:SML III 3.5KW; SML III 5.5KW; SMG II 3.6KW; SMG II 5.6KP; SMV III 3KW; SMV III 5KW; SMP 5KW; SMR II 5.5KW; SM IV 5.6KW; SMV IV 5.6KW; SM II 5K PLUS; SMW 3.6KW; SMW 8KW
Hybrid inverter: all models can work without battery

Q9:Can inverters work in parallel?

A9:If you need inverters that can work in parallel, you can contact us before purchasing and we will recommend the model for you;

Q10:Can the inverter be connected to the wind turbine?

A10:Yes, but you can only connect the output of the wind turbine to the battery, not the inverter

Q11:Can the inverter be connected to the generator?

A11:Can be connected to gasoline generators, diesel generators, the output of the generator is connected to the AC Input of the inverter,The generator power cannot be less than 2 times the inverter power

Q12:How to connect solar panels?

A12:According to the VMP voltage specification of the solar panel, the PV working voltage range connected to the inverter in series, and the open circuit voltage does not exceed the maximum voltage of the inverter.The PV voltage of inverter II and III models should be connected in series above 200V

Q13:What are the factors of solar panel output power?

A13:1. The output power of solar panels is mainly related to light irradiance and installation angle. The power of each period will be different, it will decrease in the morning and evening, and will increase at noon.
2. The shadow effect. When the solar panel is under light and blocked, it will affect its MPPT tracking. Whether it is completely blocked or partially blocked, it will affect the output power.
3. Hot spot effect, mainly due to damage to the battery panel

Q14:What is the no-load loss of the inverter?

A14:The no-load loss of the inverter is about 1A. For example, 24V inverter, the no-load loss is about 24W. You can refer to the manual;No-load loss is mainly reflected in: display screen, auxiliary power supply, DC-AC Conversion, booster circuit, etc.

Q15:Can the generator start and stop automatically?

A15:The inverter has the function of automatically starting and stopping the generator